Merry Thoughts musical bear

by Sandy
(Port Moody, BC, Canada)

This bear is 15 inches tall, fully jointed and has a wind up music box which plays Brahms Lullaby. I believe it is mohair although am not certain. The eyes are glass. According to a site I found the tag was used starting in 1945. The odd thing is that the tag is upside down when the bear is in a sitting position. I have not seen this before so am hoping that it will help in dating. I don't know the history of this bear other than it belonged to someone who was born in 1922, they were a collector of many things so it could be that they bought it used. His fur is a little ruffled but there are no bare patches and no split seams. All the joints move freely ut also remain in place. The stuffing is in good condition with no odd lumps or divots.

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