by Helen

Hi . I have a teddy I would like find out it’s value

Teddy belonged to my late mother in law ,I was always led to believe she had it from a baby in 1925 .
He has a stitched dark brown nose and mouth
He has what looks to me like oilskin pads on his arms and legs that are worn but he has never had claws by the looks of it .
His arms legs and head are all fully jointed and when you press the joints it feels like hard cardboard joints .
He is a golden colour that looks as if it’s a silky fabric although he is rather threadbare (he is well loved ) although apart slight wear on his paws ( not badly worn it’s more the oilcloth wearing but no holes in his paws ) he has no holes in his body arms legs or head
His arms and legs seem to be longer in length than modern ones and his arm paws seem to have a slight curve on them
His stuffing feels rather crunchy when you squeeze him therefore I am assuming he is stuffed with wood wool ..
His has quite large ears and his eyes are amber colour with black I believe his eyes glass ,they are cold to touch and feel slightly rounded when you feel the backs .
He has a slightly pointed looking snout with his stitched dark brown nose and stitched mouth
He is in good condition apart from his worn fur
He unfortunately doesn’t have a makers identification mark
But as my mother in law was Yorkshire born and bred I’m assuming it is British made .
Any help you could give me would be gratefully received
Thank you

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