Miniature bear looking for siblings

by Marie
(Montréal, Canada)

Hi, I have been looking for years to find the siblings of this miniature plush. It was purchased in Canada in 198X in a department store, I have no specific memories. On the other hand, I remember that it was hung on a shelf by its buttocks. There were plenty of other teddy bears like ''him''.

Later I decided that it was a female stuffed animal.

She has a pointed nose with a plastic snout, her eyes are also plastic. Her smile is a black thread, sewn I believe. Her ears are semi-pointed. Previously, she had a small tail that was half her back, but over time this tail has fallen out. She measures approximately 11.5 cm. At the time of purchase she had a small red bow around her neck, but for several years I have been making homemade bows for her.

She also wants to know her origin, because the original tag was cut off.

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