Miniature Jointed Mohair Bears (pair)

by Jody
(Arlington, VA)

Miniature Jointed Mohair Bears

Miniature Jointed Mohair Bears

These little jointed bears were a gift to me as a child in the 1960s. They are 3 inches tall when fully extended. Their fur is medium brown mohair. One still has his brown glass eyes with black pupils, but the other bear is missing his. Neither one has the original neck ribbon, but I seem to recall they had light blue thin neck ribbons tied in bows originally. They do not have embroidered noses, and I don't think they ever did, although I guess it is possible the stitching has pulled out on both bears. They have cloth ears which are backed with mohair. Neither bear has any kind of label or identifying mark. They were found among many vintage Steiff animals, but are not Steiffs. A Steiff dealer told me they were German made.

I would appreciate knowing more about these little bears if anyone can identify them further from the pictures and this information.

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