Miniature keychain plush bear

by Brandi bivens
(Tracy cite tn)

Blue teddy bear

Blue teddy bear

I have had her since I was born she is dark blue with red spots she has black on her ears hands and feet her nose and mouth is made with black string her eyes are black glass she is moveable but I can't find anything about her and she has no tag just the keychain that came with her she is very soft and small like a keychain that you would have in your car she also came with a strange necklace that is red I even have another that looks like her twin but is lost some fur I have a lot of bears and can tell you about each one but not her I have looked on the internet for years tring to find this bear but no luck she has some kind of fur on her that is the blue and red spots she also has string under her eyes like she has four eyes instead of two her arms and legs are being held on by black string but her neck is made like mine I thank she is 4" to 5" tall but I'm not sure all I no is she was a keychain that I got from a store on the fourth of July when I was young my mom got her,her twin, and four little birthstone bears for me and my sis and now I have all 6 of them now that I'm 27 years old

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