Miniature Teddy Bear

by Claire
(Lincoln, UK)



This bear was in the bottom of a mixed box I bought at auction recently. He is a tiny bear, only 2" tall when standing. He is dark red or burgundy in colour. The photo shows him as more red than he is. I think he has glass beads for eyes and a stitched nose too.

He has a signature on his paw but it's difficult to read, please see the attached photo. There are no other markings or labels.

His arms and legs are jointed, but I don't think his head is. He has pads on his feet but not his arms. His arms don't taper.

I think he is mohair rather than plush, which isn't worn at all.

I would like to try and identify the tiny bear and find out how old he is if anyone can help?

Many thanks.


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