Miss Bear Haviour

by Sue



I think my title is the name of an artist who hand crafts individual bears. The bears I just bought which I think are hers have a mark embroidered on a foot - it is a heart with a length of thread through it (all attached to the foot not waving around). Google doesn't recognize the name or description of the mark, so I was wondering if anyone knows of this artist, recognises the description of the mark and are my assumptions correct. Both the bears are very unusual, and have humps and are a bit pot bellied. They are very firmly stuffed and have jointed limbs. One is black and white velour and is called Zebear because the markings are like a zebra. It has a big black bow at the neck. The other is green bodied, with yellow head and chest and has a yellow rose raffia wrapped to it's arm. It also has a yellow polka dot bow at the neck with some leaves attached. I don't know this ones name. I'd like to know more about the artist and the bears, and an idea of the value. Many thanks for any help you can provide. Sue.

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