Miss paulovics

by Juliska

Miss paulovics teddy bear

Miss paulovics teddy bear

My teddy is about a ruler size, possibly longer. He has fluffy brown hair but worn as are the pads on his hands and feet which are darker brown and like suede. He has movable arms, legs and head. His eyes are amber with black in the middle and are glass. His nose and mouth are black stitching. His nose is quite pointed but doesn't stick out all that much. His head crackles when squeezed but I think the rest of him is kapok. His ears are domed shaped and rest on the side of his head, the bottom of his ears are parallel to his eyes. I know my mother bought him at a jumble sale when she was 4 so 1954. His arms in comparison to his legs seem a tad short to me but that might just be my opinion?

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