by Jodie
(Devon )

Just trying to get a little more information about this bear. I picked it up in an antique shop in Dartmouth and he just stood out to me. The owner of the shop didn’t know much about him, just that he was old but couldn’t say how old.

He does have a hole under his arm and I can see that the stuffing is really hard, especially in his head and legs.

Almost all his fur has come off apart from the little bits in his ears and near the seams.

His eyes look as if they’re a hard wool that had been stitched on (or really thick string that had just gotten hard with age).
His arms are stitched on and but his legs are part of the same material as the tummy area.

The material does change when it gets to his paws, they are a lighter colour and can clearly see it’s a different material.
There is a seam going straight down the middle and a seam in the shape of a V at the back of his head.

I’d say he’s made out of canvas? But to be honest that’s only because he feels that way, I could be completely wrong.
His face is a little unshaped, his nose when you look at it slants to the left.

His nose is also stitched on using a thicker string or wool.
Some of where the fur would be, looks as if it’s been wet and has caused the material to change colours.

He doesn’t have a tag or label.

I would just like to know roughly how old he is and what type of bear he is. He was the only one that looked like this in the shop, the others had different types of joins, maybe that’s why he stood out to me.

I have included pictures so please take a look, any information would be so helpful, I’m quite interested in how old he actually is and if anyone has any like him.

Sorry there isn’t a lot of information to go on on him, I don’t know much about antique bears as this is my first one.

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