Mission impossible?

by Malin

x-ray od teddy bear

x-ray od teddy bear

I bought this bear in The Netherlands and was as soon as I got the teddy bear into my house I understood he was someone special.

He has a 6mm button in his ear, blond mohair, 35 cm standing, about 26 cm sitting, boot button eyes, hump on his back, filled with excelsior (wood wool), final seem on his tummy.

We have also taken an x-ray of the teddy bear and it has a voice thing inside his chest. I don't know if it is a growler or a squeaker. He is also disc jointed.

The people at the hospital told me that it was the oldest patient that they ever had taken an x-ray of.

He has almost no hair left and his nose is almost gone, he must have been very highly loved! I got him for 115 euro and I'm glad I paid that for him as I have had and still have a lot of fun trying to find his identity. I find him a real mystery and I hope someone can shed some light on his Maker.
Thank you,
Ms. Malin

Hi well the button is quite hard to see in the picture but I think I can just make a an elephant trunk. However it doesn't look like the same elephant the early steiffs used but as I say I can't see the button that well.

The trouble is that most bears are identified by their fur type, colour, nose shape, eyes and ears etc and your bear has little of these original features left or remain in their original form.

He certainly does look old and his general look would suggest that he is an early bear pre war I would say.

I can't say much more than that I'm afraid. Perhaps someone else will be able to comment further.

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