Mohair teddy bear 1930’s

by Robin wager
(Mooresville NC)

Mohair teddy bear, no tags, from the 1930’s. Stomach seam vertical. No tags and possibly a Steiff. All limbs and head swing 360 degrees. Brown eyes and nose. Nose possible a bit long. Most likely purchased in the Maryland area. Very dense and sturdy. No other tags visible. Not sure what the stuffing is. Eyes and nose dark brown. He is tan in color and the bottom of his paws and inside of his ears are flesh colored. Nose may be brown velvet and his nose is brown stitching the same color. Eyes are button like, dark brown with darker brown pupils. To top of ear to bottom of feet he measures about 19 inches long. Belly circumference is the approximately 16 inches. Shoulder to hand -paw measures 8!imches. and hip to feet measure approximately 8 inches as well. Neck is about 10 inches around. His nose is about 2 inches long. One of his ears is threadbare an the underlying material is a tan heavy material.

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