Mom's 1940s(?) teddy bear

by Amy
(Southern California)

Moms 1940's teddy bear

Moms 1940's teddy bear

I found this teddy bear among my Mom's belonging so guessing it was one of her childhood toys - she was born in the early 40's.

He's about 9 inches high, and his body (excluding limbs) is about 3 inches wide.

His fur is orangish-yellowish and a little on the scratchy side (definitely not soft). The inner-part of his ears is a darker orange - not sure if that's the original design or if he was originally that color all over and everything but the inner ears faded.

His head, arms and feed all move - his head can swivel 360 degrees.

The bottoms of his feet are very soft - feels like suede. The palms of his hands were made with the same soft material – but they’ve had some more then the fed.

His eyes are plastic.

The nose and mouth are sewn on.

His fur is definitely patchy with bald spots - I'm sure he was very loved.

There’s no tag attached.

I’d love to know more about this bear – any details you might know regarding his age, the maker or other interesting facts, I’d appreciate it!

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