moms old teddy bear

by Jack H
(San Diego, CA, USA)

hi from bear

hi from bear

looking for advice on my mom's childhood teddy - she told me it was a steiff bear, but i would like verification because there are not any identifying tags remaining. There is a push tummy and the bear inside stuffing seems to crackle a bit like straw in that area - there is a very light mechanical ding or dong sound if pushed from the bottom up on the stomach area. All five joints move well - arms, legs and neck. The eyes look glossy but i suspect that they are not glass because there is a slight imperfection on one of the eyes that looks like a scratch - perhaps some type of acrylic or maybe they are glass.... the ribbon look very old and is the only thing that is faded. There is a stitch on the chest that may have been where a tag was? i do not see a hold in the left ear unless it is small. Here is what i suspect - but i could be wrong!! Steiff Vintage 10.5” Antique Original Mohair Jtd Bear Jointed with working Push Tummy NICE overall. Condition is nice vintage Used. NO ID.

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