Mr Big

by Linny
(Devon uk)

Big teddy Bear

Big teddy Bear

I recently purchased a 29 inch growler bear. I think he's made from wool plush.

He has velvet paws and inner ears . He is five way jointed
He has four claw stitches to his feet and three claw stitches to his paws.
He has fairly short curved arms and stocky legs.
His eyes are amber and black glass(I think)
His nose is velvet and elongated with a vertically stitched nose and his mouth an inverted"Y"
He has a front central seam a back central seam and another seam on his right side(the left side appears to be seamless)
He's quite a heavy bear weighing in at five and a half pounds and his body is solid to the touch ....his legs are softer and feel as though they might be filled with wood wool.
I have a feeling that he could be a Farnell Twyford bear but facially he also resembles a Clemens bear .

When he arrived he was in a very uncared for state....he was advertised as "dusty" when in fact he was really,really dirty!....he has cleaned up a treat and I am quite pleased with my purchase as his growler still works and his joints are sound.
I would really appreciate any information that fellow bear lovers might be able to give

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