Mr Liverpool My Teddy Bear

Mr Liverpool my teddy bear

Mr Liverpool my teddy bear

I got Mr Liverpool when I was around 11/12 years old for Christmas, roughly 14 years ago. I’ve recently decided I want him valued, I don’t want to sell him; it’s just curiosity.
I don’t have any tags, however there’s a label with an address on which is: Watford, WD 24 7XE, England. There’s also writing at the top but I can only read home. There is another word next to it but unfortunately I can’t see it due to the teddy’s age.
I had a traumatic childhood and he’s always been there when I’ve been upset or when I’ve had nightmares and I need comfort.

So now I want to identify him, like I previously stated- it’s just for curiosity!

Thank you :)

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