Mr Lucky

by Sue
(Connecticut, US)

Mr Lucky teddy Bear

Mr Lucky teddy Bear

Hi guys! Desperately desire to find Mr. Lucky's creator. Had him since I was maybe 8yo, when my dad rescued him from a frozen river (prompted by my pleas that he was a drowning rat that needed help). I'm now 30 and he still shares my pillow. He's got a brown plastic nose, grey fur and yellow-rimmed dark eyes. Remnants of tag on his left leg. Wear under mouth from years of trying to feed him my shared Happy Meals.

Please let me know if you have any guesses! Been scouring the internet since I've had access as a kid.
(And yes, that is an original Mr. Lucky painting by my dear old dad).
Many thanks!

Comment from Site Owner
Such a cute story, melted my heart. Unfortunately I can't help but hopefully someone else will be able to identify him.
Love the picture behind him also, again so cute. Kate

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