Mr Retro.

by Christian
(Melbourne, Australia)

25cm old teddy bear / dog front view

25cm old teddy bear / dog front view

I'm not really sure if this is a teddy bear or a dog shaped stuffed toy.
I know it is very old ad is was given to me by an aged man who had it since
childhood. It is stuffed with wood wool, has glass beads for eyes with a
piece of metal in the middle. It is approximately 35 cms long and stands
about 25 cms tall. It's nose is a leather patch that has been stitched on.
I cannot find any identifying brand tags though. I would relly like to know
where it was made and approximate value. I hope that someone out there can
help. The man that gave it to me was from Melbourne, Australia but has
since passed on. Thanks in advance for your help.

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