Mr Teddy

by Jane Fitzgerald
(Green Bay Wisc USA)

Mr Teddy has been in our family for over 75 years maybe longer not really sure. My grandmother always had him on her bed. We weren’t allowed to touch him. He used to have a vest and velvet like pants that matched but over the years those were replaced with small children’s cloths. His. Boots are attached and are like a shiny material. His nose and mouth are stitched. Just his head and paws are “fur” Thinking maybe he was brought over from Poland or the Uk somewhere. I’ve never seen another teddy bear like him. He seems to have been stuffed with like straw or something not very soft and he has wires in his arms. His body is made out of some kind of material like a soft flannel maybe. My mother who took the bear after my grandmother passed away kept him on her bed until she passed away Jan 2021. Now I have him. No one else in the family seems to know anything more about where the Mr Teddy came from. If anyone has or knows anything about this type of Teddybear/value I would be curious to know.

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