Mt Tidds My TV Watching Teddy Bear

by Sharon

Mr Tidds My Bear

Mr Tidds My Bear

I would say that I specialize in rescuing teddy bears, especially from Charity shops. This is one my favorite bears which I rescued. I called him "Mr Tidds " short for Tiddley because he is so small. He is a Small Carte Blanche bear with T-shirt reading "someone special".

He spends most evenings sitting with me watching TV. He especially likes CSI and Star Trek. Oh, and he loves the music at the beginning of Murder in Paradise which he likes to dance around to.

Comment from Jill
I have a teddy bear that sits and watches TV with me two. I Guess I have just got used to him sitting next to me on the sofa every evening.

If only he could talk I wonder what his favorite TV show would be. My guess is that anything with cute animals in it and cooking shows, (these are my favorites too).

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