Much Loved Pink Bear From 2000s

by Java

pink teddy bear

pink teddy bear

My dearest Emma has been with me since I was born. I cut off her labels long ago, although I do have memories of her having a tag like Hermann bears.

Roughly 17 inches tall, 10 inches wide, round plastic eyes with brown irises 1.5cm wide, muzzle 7cm wide, muzzle same colour as rest of body. fur short and used to be bright pastel pink. nose is made of a slightly brighter pink thread. Body has no joints or anything, she's just completely soft, arms slightly flat. White and pink plaid bow tie, thread on feet giving the impression of three toes, no tail or anything. Tag was on the lower left side of the back.

I received her when I was born in 2001, but my mum doesn't know where she's from other than from one of my grandmothers (who unfortunately can't be contacted) so I hope someone on the internet can find out where she's from. She's been through dozens of washes and lots of stress and hasn't broken aside from a tiny bit of fraying on her nose, which makes me think she must've been very well made.

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