Musical Teddy Bear 1950's

by Joselyn
(Queensland, Australia)

Musical Teddy Bear 1950's

Musical Teddy Bear 1950's

Musical Teddy Bear 1950's
Musical Teddy Bear 1950's back view
Musical Teddy Bear face close up
Musical Teddy bear

I believe this Teddy to be from the 1950's as I received him when I was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England in 1955. I also believe him to have a blonde mohair covering, although he's lost a lot of hair and has many bald patches. I did a burn test on some strands of his hair and it smelt like human hair burning and the remains were ash. He has moveable arms, legs and head. He is approximately 15" tall. He also has a wind up music box inside him which is still in working order and he plays Mary had a Little Lamb. He has glass eyes on wire stems which are pushed into his head. His head feels like it has straw inside but his body is soft but solid. There are no tags or labels on him to identify him and I would very much appreciate someone being able to let me know if he is perhaps a Chad Valley Musical Teddy Bear. Hope you will be able to help me.

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Oct 31, 2017
Possible Pedigree
by: Maureen

Sorry late comments

I don't think your bear is a Chad Valley but of course I could be wrong. The nose doesn't look right. Is there any sign of having had a square label stitched to foot pad?
I would say he looks more like an Irish Pedigree bear, any sign of having had a label at top of back seam?

Mar 07, 2017
I also have same
by: Richard Tame

I've just inherited the same bear off my deceased brother. I'm also interested. I was adopted & my natural mother gave me away with a similar bear 🐻 in 67
My brother was born in 55.
No eyes & worse for wear. Quite threadbear, but all there. Music box has life in it so I'll get it working. Nice to see another 😄

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