Musical Teddy Bear I received in 1984

by Rebekah Siver
(Wisconsin )

Musical  Teddy Bear

Musical Teddy Bear

Hello! My dad gave me this bear when I was 5 years old. Originally it had a red felt heart that said press me in white paint if some kind. When pressed, it would play a tune. The only person who recongnized the song was my grandmother and sadly she passed away when I was 13 so I don't recall what she said the name was. I slept with this bear every night and played it's tune repeatedly. It stopped working when I was about 17, yes, I cried. Don't judge me. All I know of the bear is that my dad was working for a local Christian Youth Center and they were giving toys to children. He picked that one just for me and brought it home. I don't care if this bear is worthless or priceless, I will treasure it forever. I was just hoping to get some information on it. I've tried doing a ton of google searches and came up empty. Please, if anyone has any information on my bear it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to read my post!! -Rebekah

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