My 1980's Bear. can You ID Him?

by Kate

1980's bear

1980's bear

I received this bear on the day I was born (4th May 1988) as a gift from my Aunty. All I know is that she probably purchased it in April/May 1988 on the UK High Street (potentially Bristol and possibly in Mothercare or Children's World).

I lost the bear about 8 years ago in Cuba and never got it back. So I am desperate to find out where he's from, so I can buy another second hand one.

He has a short muzzle. A plastic nose (black) and plastic hazel/brown eyes.

His stuffing was soft, like cotton-wool style?
And his fur was a caramel brown colour, texturised. With lighter sections on the insides of his ears, and ends of his hands and feet.
He also had stitched paws/claws, in dark brown stitching.

The only other thing I remember about him is that he had a very small white tag on his back. When I was kid I remember a small logo on it, perhaps the shape of a bear's head? But as the years went on, the tag lost any text or logos.

Any help would be so so so appreciated! I'm desperate to find out where he was from.
Comment from Kate

Sadly bears from this era bought from chain stores can be incredibly difficult to identify. They were mass made, looked like many other bears of the time and due to their cost were often discarded and thrown away in the end.

I have spent some time trying to find a similar bear but have not come up with anything. All i can recommend is that you write to mother care to see if they have a archive and can help. However even then i think it will be incredibly difficult to find the exact same one still around.

I wish you luck in your search.

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Nov 09, 2022
by: Steph

Hello I am currently researching about this exact bear, I have the same one called charlie I love him he's 34 years old I got him from my gran when I was born in 1988, my mum said he was bought from children's world (now mothercare)

Feb 04, 2021
by: Kate R

Hi Laura! Any chance you could email me some photos of the bear? Maybe with the label? Should help me in my search. Email address is

Feb 03, 2021
Same bear
by: Laura

I have this bear! Got him in 1989 Love him dearly. I was under the impression he was from marks and Spencer.

Jan 27, 2021
Mark Cooney
by: Kate (author)

I posted this post years ago and hadn’t seen all the replies! Thank you so much for all your help. Mark Cooney, if you happen to see this can you email me at ? I’m still desperately searching for this bear.

May 16, 2018
by: Lucy

My bear has the exact same body and facial shape the only difference is he doesn’t have stitched paws and is completely brown with slightly smaller eyes

Jan 05, 2018
Teddy bear 1980s
by: Rach

Hey guys I have this bear :) and I remember being in Woolworths standing with this bear, couldn’t take my eyes off of him. I was a little girl and fell in love. We left the store as I though without him. Then my mum gave him to me at Christmas :) feel like it was yesterday. The answer was Woolworths :) happy hunting had a tartan bow if I remember correct

Mar 04, 2017
That's my exact bear!!
by: Mark Cooney

Ahhh!! That's the one I had!
I just lost mine Last week.

I am doing a search just as you are. I got mine in 1988 as well.

How can I contact you if I find a site that sells....

We just found him! Literally, as I was typing this we got word that he was found!!

But I know how hard it is to lose something so special. I will contact you when I find out a place that has them.

Dec 23, 2016
My Bear Looks Very Similar
by: Jo

I have a rainbow bear very similar in face and body to this. I have no idea where it is from and I think it may have originally been white that someone had tie dyed but I am unsure. The face looks very similar to this bear....
I am so very sorry that you lost your bear. :(

Dec 19, 2016
Similar bear
by: Caroline

I own a bear similar to yours except it has no claws, the musle is brown and light brown velvet covered, and instead of caramel brown it's more like light taupe-brown. But all the rest is same, proportions (head as large as body, limbs, ears), brown eyes, the light beige under paws and inside ears. I got mine the day I was born too in summer 1988. The overall look struck me. I have a strong feeling that they are from the same company. I have one picture of my bear's early years when it still had a brown ribbon around its neck, one inch wide. My sister thinks it was made by Gund, but I've done some research and it came to a dead end. I am so sorry yours was lost. I feel for you because I'd be devasted to lose Leelah.

Mar 16, 2016
I'm so sorry
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry that you lost your bear. :( I hope you find another one like him. :)

Jun 15, 2014
I have one. But he doesn't look anything like that now!
by: Chris

I've got one similar or at least he was, he's got a second skin now covering his original.

I believe he is from mothercare. He has a Facebook because I'm crazy like that. "teddy lumps" if you search unsurprisingly he comes up straight away. He is quiet a character.

Sorry I can't be of more help :(


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