My 1980's Teddy

(San Angelo, Tx)

1980's bear

1980's bear

I received this bear as a birthday present in 1987. I live in Texas and at that time was living in Big Spring, Texas. Recently, my daughter left him on the bed and the got a hold of him and tore him to shreds. All I have left in the stuffing inside of him. The tag has long since fallen off as he has been washed and loved a lot the past 30 years. I've never seen another like him. He was a cream color, with peach accents and a little nub as his tail. Originally his fur wasn't as it appears in the picture, it was almost as if his fur was straight but after 30 years, that's what happened to him

I know he's just a bear but I would be a liar if I said I wasn't crushed. I would really like to find another one. Obviously I won't get those memories back but at least I would have something as a replacement.

Some identifying characteristics. Between 8-11 inches tall, small black eyes and a upside down triangular nose. His "hands" and "feet" were a light peach color and was the area that made up his mouth. It looks darker in the picture because he was repaired. He had a small stubby "tail". He literally is just a stuffed little bear. He didn't make noise or move and as you can see had very small arms and legs.

He was received late February/early March of 1987 as a birthday gift. I at the time lived in Big Spring, Tx. Thank you for your help.

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Sep 27, 2022
This may be your bear
by: Trevor S

Hello, I hope you see this. I recently located my long lost bear when my parents were moving and I was looking to see what it was. It turns out mine was a Gerber TLC bear, which looks like yours. Here is one I found that looks like the one you posted that is for sale now. Hope this helps!

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