My American Winnie the Pooh

by Sharon

American Winnie the Pooh

American Winnie the Pooh

I haven't really got a name for this bear but I guess he has a rather Winnie the Pooh look about him.

I bought this bear 14 years ago the first time I went to America. My mother sings in a choir and every year she used to go on an exchange with American choirs. I was lucky enough to go with her on these trips; It was great way to see America and to meet some lovely people too.

I bought this bear from a local thrift shop for $1 and he travelled all round Virginia with me that year. I don't think he is made by anyone special, the label says "Made by Krea", which is a company I have never heard of before.

Even though he is a rather ordinary bear he holds some very fond memories for me and so will never leave my family. It's funny what a silly old bear like Pooh can hold such a place in someone's heart.

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