My bear Corduroy was given to me 21 years ago, Need ID

by Anna
(Washington State)

Recent pics of Corduroy

Recent pics of Corduroy

My grandpa Berry gave me and my sister almost matching teddy bears when we were born nine months apart. Mine named Corduroy has slightly darker fur and had a red and black checkered bow, and hers had a white silk bow. My mother hated us having stuffed animals and when we were young tried to get rid of all of them I was sneaky enough to hide mine, until she moved on to her next crazy thing. My sister on the other hand wasn't and was heart broken. I actually remember my mom taking the bear when my sister was asleep and throwing it away. I want to find out the manufacturer in hopes of maybe getting her a replacement. My sister has high functioning Autism and even though she seems fairly 'normal' she is very sentimental and still has bad dreams about losing her bear. When we were kids our parents fought constantly and my teddy bear became my best friend, I could tell him things I couldn't or wouldn't tell anyone else. I never really had any other stuffed animals I just took Corduroy with me every where, the Zoo, Church, every sleep over, and even to the store. My sister always had a very large collection that she was very emotionally attached to and still is, but she still misses her first bear.

I know having a bear like she used to have would really make her happy, and it would be the best present ever. I have been trying to find the manufacturer off and on for over a year, my bear doesn't have his tag anymore, for some reason when I was four I was convinced that with out his tag my mom couldn't get rid of him so I cut it off. I would ask my grandpa but I haven't seen or spoken to him in almost three years and don't know how to contact him. I've googled just about everything I can think of, and then I thought about collectors and that some of the really good ones just might be able to help.
I was born in 1994 and my sister in 1995 and I'm fairly sure the bears were new then. I would really appreciate any help anyone could give me, even if it turns out to be impossible to get another bear I would like to at least know so I can stop driving myself insane.
Thank you, I appreciate your time.

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