My bear from (roughly) 1999?

by Becca

Early picture of my teddy bear

Early picture of my teddy bear

I have had this bear since as long as I can remember. She has been through alot. She has gone through many resewings and surgeries and restuffings by now. The tag is long lost. I'd like to find out where my bear came from and who made her, and possibly find another bear like her. Her head, arms, and legs are white. I'm not sure what material, but it's a slight bit scruffy. Her arms I think were pale blue. Her body was pale pink. She has a green ruffle collar around her neck and a very smooth, hard plastic nose. She had a rattle inside of her. She is a small bear. I have included an old photo of me holding her as a child. It's the best one I could currently find. I also have photos of her now, so the fabric on her arms and body are different but the green ruffle and her head remains the same if it's any help.

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