My bear is ??

by Tanya
(Australia )

My bear is mohair with wood wool stuffing he stands approx 40-45 cm tall has his claws embroided and his nose too,his eyes aren't original. He has a growler and has been my best mate for 53 yrs,he was given to me by an elderly lady when we lost all our possessions in a bush fire in 1967 and she told us that she'd had him since she was young too and they were a well to do family,he has a seam that runs up his belly and his arms,legs and head are all on joints,he has been well made ,over the years his stuffing has moved about a bit in his arms and legs and his mohair is a bit patchy as im sure anybodies would be at his age . I'd really love to find out more about him and maybe sell him as he's not a toy to be played with but one that should be adored for who he is and I have a feeling that he maybe something special because he was for me and he was one thing that never got handed down to my children and I dont want there to be any arguments about who gets the bear when I leave this mortal life

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