My Childhood Bear 1970's

by Darren Clarke
(Lincoln city UK)

childhood ted

childhood ted

I recently was given some photos when I was young about three which would be 1976, In the photo I’m with my first and only Teddy bear which I loved so much.

Sadly, this photo is the only one I have and is not the best, the information I have is patchy, It was bought in mid-1970’s in Lincoln UK.

It has red eyes and black plastic nose short muzzle, with little brown fur, as seen in the photo it has clothes though I’m unsure if they were bought with it or added as I never remembered it with clothes.

Unfortunately, I can not provide info on marks or logos, so it’s a real shot in the dark, I would really love to know any comments on what make it was, so I can see if there are any still are out there.

Your help would be very appreciated

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