My Childhood Bear

by Carly

My bear was given to me in the early 2000s, but could be a little older than that. He has short, soft, light to medium brown colored fur. Some of his more intricate details include: a small, plastic, light pink heart on the left side of his chest, a half green and half orange hat sewn onto his head with a red rim around it. (Looks almost like a jesters hat or a short version of a night hat with two tassels at the end) He also had a purple scarf sewn onto his neck that matches the hat’s tassel colors. On the bottom of one of his feet he has an embroidered leaf sewn in. His toes were loosely marked by threading sewn into his feet and he had a visible white tag on his bottom. The bear was given to me as a present when I was just a young kid by a family member and I would greatly appreciate finding out as much as I can about him and where he came from.

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