My Childhood Teddy Bear

by Jessie
(Sistersville, WV)

My Childhood teddy bear

My Childhood teddy bear

Teddy has been my dearest friend since I was three weeks old. He was purchased in a shop in downtown Wheeling, WV by my grandmother and was a gift for my first Christmas. His full name is Theodore E. Bear, and I have never seen another bear like him. His nose fell off in church when I was two years old, so I've only ever known him with a tiny speck of his former nose. He has amber eyes and a white snout. His arms and legs are jointed, and he used to have velvet at the end of his paws, but it has worn off. He has a small white tag on his back. He has always worn clothes, so some of his fur is still slightly fluffy, but his facial fur is well loved and worn off. I always try to imagine what he must have looked like as a young bear, and I am so thankful he has been part of my life for 42 years.

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