My chum since 1947

by Ian T
(Shoreham-by-Sea UK)

1947 teddy bear

1947 teddy bear

This is my bear. He has been with me since I was born in 1947. My dad bought him for me, but I think my mother replaced his eyes as I assume the original ones were removable.

He is lambs wool and has leather paws and feet.
He feels as if he is full of wood shavings.
I think his nose and mouth have been replaced at some stage.
All his limbs and head are moveable.
Can’t tell you much more

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Sep 09, 2020

by: Kate

Hi, I'm afraid i can't tell you much about your bear but looking at him i think that over the years he has had lots of repairs. His ears don't look the right shape to me, which often happens when they are home repaired as they are difficult to stitch back in thier original shape. I would also think that maybe the paws were not origianlly leather, i could be wrong.

Having said all that he looks fabulous to me. I can see all the years of love. I do hope that you have someone to pass this bear onto. Old bears have so much character.

I;m not sure if anyone will be able to give you much inforamtion about him as he perhaps does not look like he did originally. But thank you so much for sharing him with us.

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