My Constant Companion

by Colleen

A well loved teddy bear

A well loved teddy bear

Ive had this bear since I was a year old. It was a gift from my uncle for my very first Christmas back in 1994.He's a white bear with a black nose, eyes and gold bow. He used to be very white and fluffy but with 25 years of love and dips in the washing machine he only really has patches of fluff left. His right eye broke in half when I was around 7 or 8 years old. He's been sewed up in multiple places over the years and a lot of his stuffing has migrated from his arms to his behind. Being only a year old I have no clue were my uncle got him from back in 1994 and I no longer speak to him so I've never asked. The only clue I have is on his very dirty and mangeled tag is said "The Golden Bear Co" but looking up that company I've never come across any bears that look like him. His name is Kissy.

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