My Cubby

by Meghan



This bear was given to my daughter by her grand father a few years ago. He has since passed and I can't get any real details about it. I was told it was his as a child but I'm not sure. So I would put it's age around the late 50s. My father would never let anyone touch Cubby fo as long as I can remember. As a child I remember cubby just sitting on my parents bed. I always would try to play with it but my dad would tell me no. About 8 years ago my daughter was 4 and wanted to play with Cubby. I would tell her no just so my father didn't have to yell at her. But he stopped me and told her yes!! She played with Cubby and my father all day. When it was time to go home he told her to take him with her. She had to promise to take very special care of him. Everyone was in shock that he finally gave him up. I guess he felt that she was going to be the last grandchild so it was time. I've since had two more. This bear means the world to my daughter.

It has plastic components to articulate the arms, legs and head. It has shaggy brown fur over the majority of it's body with tan pads on it's hands and feet made of some sort of felt. He has black floss stitching for his mouth and nose. He has plastic button bead for his eyes which are black and a tanish color. He is roughly 16 in long.

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