my dads bear

by matt king
(walsall,west mids,uk)

here he is my dads bear

here he is my dads bear

hello to all,hope everyone is well and ok,im trying to find out who made my dads bear,i want to get him looking a bit more happier but would like to try and find who actually made him,all i know is that my dad had it when he was a child but not sure if was brought for him or passed down,i never asked if he knew where he had him from or if he knew where is mom got it from,if it was brought for my dad then it would be around70-80 years old,he has somthing inside his belly but doesn't work(has never worked since ive seen him,he has hard material inside him when i slightly squeeze,he has glass eyes,no pins or buttons on his ear or feet and not seen one on there all the time ive known him and thats all i can realy tell you about him as im no good at trying to tell you his fur material.any help or advice will be much appreciated,thank you

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