My Dad's Blue Bear

by Debbie Davies

front view of blue bear

front view of blue bear

Can anyone identify this bear?

I have had this been for 75 years

He has a short muzzle

His nose is stitched - it is a bit untidy. There is a single stitch as a dot above the nose on the teddy's left hand side. The one on the right is missing.

The eyes are amber & black. I think they are glass as they are cold against skin & hard against teeth.

The bear is stuffed with wood wool as he crunches when squeezed.

His head is very hard & difficult to squeeze.

The bear is approximately 15 "

The fur is blue although what is left of it is very faded now.

He is jointed 5 ways - head, arms & legs.

His pads are brushed cotton & he has 3 stitched claws on hands & feet.

He definitely had a hump. Although it has flattened over the years you can still feel it.
He has hand stitching on his tummy in blue thread. Think growler has been removed and this is a family repair as same thread on one of the pads on foot.

If hand stitched on the back to be stuffed then used invisible stitching but there is a definite change in the stitching. Top & bottom of bear's back can clearly been seen as machine stitched. The change in stitching is in the middle of his back & is 3" long.

Not sure if original but has half a red ribbon tied around his neck.
This is my Dad's childhood bear so has definitely been in the family for approximately 75 years.
He was born at the outbreak of WW2 in 1939 in Walsall, which was then part of Staffordshire.
He does not know if he had this bear from new or it was handed down.

As it is blue it is obviously a boys bear. His older brothers were born in 1927 & 1931 although my Dad was the baby of the family & so therefore it may have been bought for him as new.


It is always very difficult to try and identify bears from this period without their labels. Often noses and ears have been re-stitched and can change the bears appearance.

I cannot give a definite answer all i can do is to give you a few ideas.

I have looked through my teddy bear catalogue of British bears from the period and at first I thought the bear may have been a J. K Farnell Alpaca range for babies 1030's. But the eyes are wrong as they would have been made from felt.

The other possibility is a Merrythought bear from the early 1930's alternate design which came in several colours including iris. Your bear has some similar characteristics. There would have been a label stitched on the left foot pad originally. You would have to contact them to see if they have any records of this bear.

During the war years there were many small UK companies making bears and so it is possible that your bear comes from one of those companies and would be very difficult ti identify.

Anyway i hope I have given you a few ideas.

Best wishes Kate

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Mar 22, 2022
1946 Blue Bear
by: Anonymous

My blue bear was given to me when I was born in 1946. Identical to your pictures. Has new button eyes and a new mended nose but his material is thininng around the nose and the shredded wood is starting to come out. I would like to get his head encased so it could be preserved more.

Jan 16, 2022
by: Clare

Short and sweet comment, but hes definitely a Chiltern bear x

Jun 01, 2020
Dad's blue bear
by: Crow-9

Hi.I would say definitely a Chiltern.
The hump is the same.
The head tips forward and the arms are long.
The face and paw stitching are the same and it's pretty much unmistakable
Chiltern became Chad Valley eventually and this bear developed into the Hug-Me bear.
This one is v.typically a Chiltern Blue, late 1930's bear.

May 10, 2019
Brother bear
by: Jane Hallman

Hi - I have a bear almost identical to yours! Mine was given to my mum in 1937 (when she was born) and was also blue (but it's hard to see any blue on him now). He was passed on to me and has been with me since I was born in 1956. He is very fragile and has been (badly) mended by various relations and myself - just to stop his wood wool falling out. I'd love to get him renovated a bit, to make him huggable again - do you know of any reasonably priced restorers? The bears could even have been bought in the same shop - my mum lived in Cheshire and shopping trips to The Potteries were sometimes made!

Jun 01, 2018
chad valley
by: Linda

I have a Chad Valley bear around this size with the same eyes and many other similarities. Mine has the label on the foot. My vote says Chad Valley!

Nov 13, 2017
Chiltern Bear
by: Anonymous

I think he is a Chiltern Bear. He has the distinctive face and they also produced a coloured range. Can't tell the age from the photo, possibly 1930s.

Dec 19, 2016
I have a very similar blue bear to this!
by: Cassy

Hello! I have VERY similar blue bear to this, which I was given by my mother. It is a chad valley bear, with the same stuffing you describe and used to play 'rock a bye baby' from a musical box inside. The box is still there but long since silent. I don't think it is as old as yours though, as I am pretty sure my Dad gave it to my mother in the 1960s - and I think it was new then.

Apr 24, 2016
Possible Chad Bear
by: Anonymous

Hi, this Bear has the face (look, expression, eyes) of a Chad Valley bear. Also paws and pads, arms legs, shape of tummy are all saying Chad to me.. I have more than one Chad bear and I recognise the look. I agree he has had some alteration and home mending done, but he still looks very like a Chad bear to me. :)

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