My Dad's Teddy Bear from the 40's or 50's

by Jennifer
(Michigan, USA)

Close up of face

Close up of face

This bear is brown with color variations on the stomach and ends of feet and arms. It has resin eyes with black hard rubber eyelashes (one is missing). His about is also a molded hard rubber with hair like pattern. The fur is not soft, not is the stuffing, so I'm thinking perhaps a wool or polyester blend? Floppy ears. It is larger, probably started out 24" from head to toe, but has been "loved" to about 25" now. My Dad was born in 1946 in South Bend Indiana, so I know it's at least that old if not older. There are no tags and I've been unable to find another that looks just like it. Please help me identify this bear and whether it is worth anything. Thank you for your help!

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