My Dads Teddy Bear

by Ivy B.

Dads Teddy.

Dads Teddy.

Hello, my name is Ivy and I am going crazy looking for my dads old Teddy online because I’m just curious who he is and where he came from! I can find similar bears but none exactly like him. I have seen him in my dads room and played with him my whole life and now my babies play with him! He is Brown and Cream (maybe white at one time) he has brown clear plastic or glass eyes and a rubber nose and mouth. He looks just like the bear Radar had in the show M.A.S.H but His mouth is open and red inside and under his mouth is a hole where he has a squeaker that no longer works. I know that he is at least 60 years old. He is most likely from the early 50’s and I have looked and looked for him online but I can’t find him. Some very similar but none with a squeaker by his mouth. My dad obviously has a sentimental connection to him but he thinks he is just an old bear that’s not worth anything and I think he is rare and has value! (Not that we would ever sell him!) but it would be cool to know! I am hoping that someone can help me figure it out!! Thanks all for the help!

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Jan 09, 2024
Cubbi Gund Collection
by: Mil

Try Google for the Cubbi Gund collection. It certainly looks like the same as Radar's teddy.

Feb 04, 2021
Looks like my Dad’s best a lot
by: Anonymous

Don’t know if it’s the same bear
Could be; I guess

My day got his from his Italian aunt in October of 51 when he was born
I had pictures of him.. a bit beat up if u want to see

Jul 20, 2020
Looking for my old bear to
by: Tanya

He looks like my old teddy as well. But mine had a music box with a little metal twist. I with i could find this old bear to.

Apr 09, 2019

by: Kate

Wow looks like my partners teddy bear. Unfortunately it was the thing in his baby days was to cut labels off toys etc. So we have no idea what make he is.

Hope someone else can help

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