My (G.H.) teddy bear

by Gabriel H.
(Czech Republic)

Two tone teddy bear

Two tone teddy bear

Hello, I need help with my teddy bear. It isn't joined teddy bear, it's whole. He has plastic eyes with brown felt background. Inside bear are little pieces of brown foam (like sponge). His nose is made from black thread. He is 60 - 70 cm (23 - 27 inches) tall. I don't know where is he from and how old is he. I bought him at shop with antigues. The shop importing stuff from England but he isn't British I think but I dont know it for sure. I think he could be from 1960s or 70s. But I'm not sure. And I dont know where he was made. His fur looks synthetic (plastic). I am from Czech Republic in middle Europe. He is really cute and nice teddy bear but I don't know his history. I will add some photo of him. I tried ask some teddy bear specialists but nobody can help me yet. Sorry for my bad English and thank you for any advice. And sorry that I don't complete 400 words, I dont know any better informations and I can't speek english very well. Thank you

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