My great great great aunts bear

by Michele
(Queensbury New York)

My great great great aunts bear close up of face

My great great great aunts bear close up of face

My great great great aunt had this teddy bear since she was five years old. She received this bear while in the hospital when she was five years old. She told me back then you were not allowed to take home things that people brought you in the hospital. She said she cried and cried because she loved her teddy bear. The nurse let her sneak her bear home with her. She was always a lover of stuffed animals. She lived alone until her passing in 1997. Her stuffed animals lined her stairs and she had them in a case. She had my sister and I name all her animals. We named them and taped there name on the bottom of them.

I had tried to get her bear into a teddy bear calendar on several occasions. I submitted pictures but it never made it into the calendar. I had told my aunt that my mom would love her bear as she liked antiques. She gave my mother the bear and recently my mother passed it on to me.

Last week, we celebrated at the school I teach at the 100th day. Students bring in 100 items and they dress like old people. I decided I would bring in aunt Jennie's bear to show my students. They were so fascinated with it. I told them that he was older than our building and older than anyone in our building. My fellow colleagues were an awe over his uniqueness. I began thinking about where did this bear come from and who made it.
I have been researching on the internet but can't figure out what brand it is. It has characteristics of several that are mentioned on your site. It is made of mohair and is brown bear. It is wood wool stuffed. I have a photo of my aunt holding the bear dated July 1936 but she older in this picture. She was born in 1908. I don't know who gave her the bear and if it was new when she received it.

My great great great aunt was like a grandmother to me. I used to spend the night at her house and have pizza parties with her. She was better than my own grandmother was to me. I used to hide notes in her house so that she would find them when I left. When she passed, she had saved all the notes I had wrote in an envelope in her safe. On the envelope was written Michele's notes to aunt jenny which she treasured.

My uncle, her great nephew is dying of cancer. Unfortunately, there are financial issues and I would love to help him and my aunt. I then thought what if aunt Jennie's bear was worth a lot of money? As much as I would hate to sell her bear as it's a family treasure I would to help my uncle. I feel like my aunt is trying to help him because if she were alive she would. She was the best.

Which brings me to identifying aunt Jennie's bear! Could you please help me find out about her bear.

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Jun 17, 2017
similar teddy
by: Janet

My bear looks a bit like yours altho a different colour- mine is honey colour
But the snout stitching is similar and the hand and feet stitching as well. It has been stuffed with wood wool
Id love to know more about my bear.
I got it in the late 19050's.
I live in NZ but my grandmother may have had it when she live in Scotland.

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