My Husbands Teddy Bear

by Cindy Kaiser
(Austin, TX)

This was my ex-husband’s teddy bear. He was born in 1933 in Detroit MI. So I assume the bear is from the 1930s. There is no ear tag but there is a bit of a tear in the lower corner of the right ear. The bear’s head turns and the arms and hips (legs) are jointed. He said it was a Steiff. It is approximately 19 inches in length. The torso is is approximately twice the length of the head (top to chin). I can feel something in the middle of the back that feels disc shape, roughly the diameter of a fifty cent coin. It seems to be in good shape with the exception of some fading of the fur on one arm and a little fur missing around the nose. Is it possible to confirm that it is a Steiff. Does it have any value?

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