My John Doe Teddy Bear

by Mary Brooks
(Ontario Canada)

smily teddy bear

smily teddy bear

I found this teddy bear in a thrift store, I have no idea if he is old/young, new or vintage as he has no tags, distinguishable markings or anything. His head, arms and legs are all movable, he has glass eyes and although i have no idea what he is stuffed with, it is very solid. His eyes are close together and his nose is stitched on. His "fur" is kind of 'nappy'. His arms and legs are very long and his face is triangular and pointed, his ears seem to be kind of lopsided with one seeming to be higher on his head than the other. He is 18" long. It isn't important to me whether he is valuable or not, i just saw him and knew he deserved a better home than the dusty shelf of the thrift store.

Thank you

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