My mom's old bear....... I think

by Susan
(Tiburon CA)

Found in the bottom of a barrel -- literally. With old yearbooks and other things belonging to my mom who was born in 1925. This bear is 7 inches tall, his glass eyes are fixed, and look out towards his right. The red outlines around his mitts and feet look like they might have been drawn in

The bottom of his feet are felt I think. The feet top, mitts, nuzzle nd inside of his ears are, I think, velvet.

His nose is now pretty much bare, but you can see that it was sewn with wool thread from top to bottom (pinholes still show at bottom of nose). At the edges of hissmile there are also two small pinhole, one still with a bit of wool thread, that makes me think tht his mouth was once outlined with black wool thread.

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