My mother in laws antique Steiff Teddy Bear

by Chris

My mother in law came to the US from Switzerland in the 1950's. She is 92 years old. (She unfortunately now has dementia and can not tell us about her bear). She was born in 1929 and has had this bear for a long time. It may have even been her mothers, but we do not know. It is missing its ear tag, but I believe it is a Steiff, though I am no expert. It is 16 inches tall approximately, has a center seam, and 4 fingers/claws/toes on each appendage. Arms legs and head all swivel well. Slight hump on upper back. Vertical stitching on nose. Brown glass eyes with black pupils. Felt feet and hand pads. Sounds a little crunchy when you squeeze it. Growler is slightly functional when you knock on it. I am not sure what mohair feels like but it probably is. We would love to know how old it might be and what it might be worth. Any help or information would be appreciated.

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