My old teddy bear

Old Brown Bear

Old Brown Bear

I'd like to see if you could tell me about the old teddy bear I found in an abandoned house. I already filled this out and submitted it but it said the pictures I attached were too big so I tried to use the pic monkey app that was suggested and my device isn't capable so I found some old pics to use and I'll go see if that will work....Ahhhhha! It worked! Ok so he's 21 inches tall. He's got metal disk connecting his joints. Long arms, hump back, I believe he is stuffed with kapok. Only a stump of a tag remains. And he's got one small tear on his back next to the arm joint. That's how I know about the metal disk lol. Light brown, not sure what material his fur is made of. Ok I hope that's enough info and I look forward to hear back from ya'll! Thanks for your time!

- Mandy

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