My Old Teddy Bear

by Nicola
(Cornwall )

My old teddy bear friend

My old teddy bear friend

I have had my teddy bear since I was 3 years old. I am now 43. He was handed down to me by a neighbour when we lived in New Zealand. We think he is at least 50 years old due to the age of the neighbour who gave it to me. Unfortunately he is now pretty bald and I think he may of had a new nose. He has no markers or labels so I have no information about him what so ever. I have found a similar picture on the internet and he looks a little like a New Zealand Pedigree?? I can see he has been stitched up his back and he has a very wobbly head which seems to be attached by quite a thick wire and what feels like a circular metal disc in his neck. There is a tiny remnant of a label at the top of his neck but nothing you can make note of. He measures approximately 17 inches long.

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