My Old White Long Haired Bear

by Lori
(Schererville, IN, US)

white haired teddy bear face

white haired teddy bear face

I have bought numerous Teddy bear books trying to identify this old bear and can't find one like him anywhere.
His fur is a very light cream mohair and is quite long. He is in very nice condition except for his pads. They all had holes in them so I've started to repair them. The remaining pad is completely gone and I need to find similar stuffing to finish.
He is stuffed with excelsior and is still packed good except for the right paw. He is completely jointed and has his original glass eyes. His narrow long nose still has the original stitching with just the top stitch missing. He has a very definite deep curve at his wrists and has three claws on each foot.
I didn't get a picture of his back but he has no hump.
Please help me with his age and identity. He is my favorite :)

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