My Sister's Teddy Bear (Late 1980's)

by Christopher Oliver
(Los Angeles, CA)

Front of my teddy bear

Front of my teddy bear

My sister was gifted this teddy bear in 1988 (in the hospital room when she was born) by a family friend. The family friend does not remember where she bought it (Likely somewhere in the greater Los Angeles Area in 1988). Shown below are several pictures of the current day bear (many repairs have been made over 31 years so the current photos are not a prefect representation), as well as a picture of my mother holding the bear at her baby shower. In the photo of my mother holding the bear, you can see a faint tag on the bear's left ear which depicts a white bear/animal wearing a black top hat and collar. There appears to be some red near the bottom of the logo as well.

The bear also had several plaid patches sewn onto it's foot, chest, and ear which fell off many years ago.

A small piece of a of a tag also remains depicting the letters "PE" just before it was cut off.

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