My teddy bear, given as a gift when I was born

by Kathryn
(Manchester, UK)

Almost new

Almost new

I was given a teddy bear as a gift when I was born. He’s 66 years old, maybe a year or two older, so he comes from the mid 50’s. His arms and legs are not jointed, but are part of the main body. The fur is man made. His eyes are made of felt, and I’m guessing he was intended as a toy for a very young child as no glass eyes or moving parts. He has a cream label under his foot which is very faded, sewn on with a zigzag stitch. The blue printing on the label is barely visible, but I can make out the royal warrant crest and the name Elizabeth. I’m guessing it’s a Chad Valley bear. He’s had a lot of hugging over the years, and at the point of totally disintegrating, so I’m in the process of giving him a bit of a sympathetic makeover. Any help if anyone can identify him would be much appreciated.
Thank you for your help.

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