My Teddy — circa 1956

by Angela
(Glasgow )

1956 teddy bears

1956 teddy bears


I have had my teddy bear since 1956 when it was given to me on my birth from my uncle. Not 100% sure but I was told as a child he had purchased it while travelling Indian continent whilst doing National Service. He was in the Royal Navy in the early to mid 1950’s

Many years ago my teddy bears tummy opened up and he was sent to a Dolls Hospital in Edinburgh to be repaired, they said it was something common to the make of this Teddy bear (Unfortunately, either they didn’t tell me or I have forgotten the make) Whilst growing up South of Glasgow I blamed my younger brother for the teddy bear’s tummy opening as my brother frequently took things apart, as boys do, to find out how they work or what’s inside.... so I was very interested to find out that, in fact it was more likely to have been something that happened to that particular make of teddy bear.

To me it is real sheepskin, very curly, his arms and legs move and he is a lovely golden colour, (as in picture 1)..very cuddly.

My teddy bear is very dear to me and I would be delighted to know more about him.

I hope you can help me identify my teddy bear and look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks

Angels Calder

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